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Was isst das?

2007-12-10 05:51:30 by mega-swordman

I don't really know what a news post is. Therefore, I will type what I think it might be and go from there. Although I have been active (say: blamming things) on newgrounds, I haven't done anything in regards to animation. But do not fear, the first colab is here! I helped crunchy orphan make his creepy daily day flash; the beginning of my animating career.
I started to mess around on flash, and let me just say that flash professional is very fun. Expect something soon (But not too soon. I'm not that motivated)


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2007-12-10 06:02:56

I'm sorry this is not an appropriate new post. Here is an example of someone properly using the news post feature. ws/post/30110

mega-swordman responds:

I see. Of course!
I'll be sure to remember that when I write my next newsletter (When that time comes.)


2008-04-18 10:18:25



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